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LUGAR: Den Haag, Netherlands

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Modern Manufacturing technology for safety belt dyeing, printing and coating processes

A Dutch SME is looking for competitive printing/coating and dying systems in order to produce printed safety belts. They are already active in this market but they are interested to optimise the production. Specific attention must be paid to the integration of the production line into the existing production systems. Partners should be able to offer existing technologies since there is no interest to develop new technology.




There is a growing demand for decoration on the traditional seat- and safety belts. A Dutch SME produces belts in both large and small series upon customer request. The decorations belts vary from company logos to specific patterns that fit well with e.g. the rest of the car interior. All this implies that small series with many different design features must be supplied in a usually short time. In order to provide the required belts the company currently uses a process in which a pre-treatment of the belt is needed in order to be able to print on it properly. Now, a post-treatment is also needed in order to fixate it and obtain a durable and high quality product. The company imagines that technologies must be available already to be applied for an easier belt-printing process. Solutions may facilitate the process by offering a machine that produces the printed belts continuously without process interruptions, by supplying a method that eliminates either pre- or post treatments, or by supplying a method that enables direct printing on the belt.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:

The company is looking for technologies that enable a flexible, fast and high quality printing process on seat- en safety belts in small volumes, against competitive production costs. The strength of the belt may not be influenced, the printing on the belt must be waterproof and the colour must maintain its intensity.

The production technology must be integrated into the existing machine park. The speeds of the belt production vary from 20 to 50 m / sec. The company wants to be able to product printed belt with competitive prices.

Datos contacto

  • Juliana van Stolberglaan 3
  • NL - 2509 AC
  • Tel.: +31 70 373 5 280
  • Tel.: +31 70 373 52 99
  • Fax.: +31 70 373 56 50

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Computer Graphics Related;Industrial Manufacture;Advanced Textile Materials;Natural language;Textiles Technology;Laser Related

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