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Software tool for automated data collection from independent health monitoring devices

A London-based university has developed a software tool for the linking of data collected from different health monitoring devices, in a traceable and reliable manner. This data is then stored in an appropriate structure allowing user-friendly extraction and analysis. The software is currently under development in partnership with industry for applications in clinical trials. The university is seeking partners interested in adapting it to other potential markets, for instance telecare.




In existing software the lack of data interchange between different devices when recording data on human body functions makes the collation and interchange of data time-consuming and prone to errors, involving lot of manual processing. A London-based university has developed an integrated software solution for the collection and linking of data from different medical measurement devices. The system also provides a solution for the backup of the database and the prevention of data corruption.

In its current version, the software consists of the integration of software modules that accesses:

- ECG data

- Discrete blood pressure data

- Continuous blood pressure data

- Gastric/intestine pH data

- Cerebral function data

- Data related to the lung capacity

and stores this data in an appropriate structure for the user to define criteria for data extraction and analysis.

The main innovative aspect of this software tool is in the overall software structure, ensuring compatibility and cross-use, so that the data created, ordered and saved can be accessed in every desirable manner.

This software is currently being specifically developed for applications in clinical trials; however, it also has potential applications in other areas dealing with data collection and analysis from different health monitoring devices, such as telecare applications. Innovative Aspects: The novelty of this software solution is its capacity to link data acquired by different devices, and therefore to increase the accuracy of the information flow, and to eliminate the need for cross-checking.

For applications in clinical trials, a reduction of 50-60% the number of man-days per clinical trial is estimated. This will be achieved by eliminating manual collation and manipulation of data from the different devices. Main Advantages: - Efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness.

- Capacity to analyse non-pre-treated data from a medical device, avoiding the customers’ need of buying expensive periodical software actualisations.

- Improved data flow from the point of collection, i.e. clinical measurements obtained from volunteers taking part in the clinical trial, to where it is used for analysis. This has several advantages:

· Reduced manpower moving data between applications.

· Improved accuracy of the information through less human intervention.

· Reduced time lags in producing the information for analysis.

· Reduced time lags in feeding information back to the client.

- Extensive savings (time and resource) to the user by avoiding the need of manual checking of the data interchange between disparate medical devices. When used in the analysis of date from clinical trials, this software allows the user to take on more and bigger clinical research studies, resulting in increased revenues.

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Keywords (901a / 2046,875)


Computer Software;Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware;Databases, Database Management, Data Mining;Applications for Health

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