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LUGAR: Gdansk, Poland

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Multicolour printing machine for cartographic “build-up” printing (sandwich method)

A Polish inventor designed a new method of “build-up” printing, by extrusive application of ink layers. This invention finds a use in the construction of cartographic printing machines. He is looking for a partner who is interested in a license agreement or a manufacturing agreement.




The “build-up” printer developed by a Polish inventor works on the base of the fusion of two technologies: electrostatic jet printing and extrusive application of layers of ink, or other substances, such as electrostatic polymers, used as a base layer, or protective top layer of resin. As a result of combination of these features, the printer is able to print on porous surfaces and on any unconventional material. The printer may be used for a manufactory type of work, as well as for custom jobs.

Extrusive “build-up” and precision of electrostatic jet printing, in one technological process, is an ideal set-up, for use in a 3D-like, unique, cartographic printing process.

Innovative Aspects:

The fusion of electrostatic jet printing and extrusive “build-up” method

Main Advantages:

The fusion of two technologies brings new possibilities, for unique and custom printing, executed on untypical surfaces and materials, with respect to the demands, of complex computer-generated artwork.

Datos contacto

  • ul. Grunwaldzka 529
  • PL 80-320
  • Tel.: +48 58 552 14 98
  • Tel.: +48 58 5521498
  • Fax.: +48 58 552 14 98

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